At our store we guarantee exceptional customer service ensuring all our customers to leave with the intention of coming back. Our water is purified through our brand new system guaranteeing fresh water.

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• High PH 9.5+ Alkaline Mineral Water

Price drops to $1 per gallon when you pre-pay for our alkaline water.

• Purified Water (Reverse Osmosis)

Price drops to 35 cents per gallon when you pre-pay for our purified water.


Alkaline water contains alkaline minerals. It is also less acidic than regular drinking water and has a higher pH. Proponents believe it has benefits such as improving your stool and supporting your immune system.

Increases Energy

Over time, your body comes back into balance, and the optimum functioning of your cells is reached. You feel younger, healthier, and more energized.

Super Hydrating

Our water contains a smaller hexagonal molecular structure. These smaller clusters of water molecules are less than half the size of those found in regular water. It is for this reason that our water is super hydrating, it carries a high solubility and a good cellular permeability providing superior hydration to the human organism.

Antioxidant Power

Alkaline water has antioxidant properties that help counteract free radicals. These free radicals can cause pre-mature aging and other types of conditions. The antioxidants are in liquid form which allows for quicker absorption into the system.

Alkaline water contains four major minerals that contribute to its remarkable health benefits:

  1. Calcium: Important for bone health, as well as heart, muscle, and nerve function5
  2. Magnesium: Helps turn food into energy and is necessary for over 300 biochemical reactions in the body6
  3. Sodium: Regulates blood pressure and volume, and supports nerve/muscle function7
  4. Potassium: A type of electrolyte that is essential for muscle function and promotes healthy digestion8


We Deliver Purified Drinking Water to your Home & Business

There is no need to be at home to receive a delivery. Simply leave your empty bottles in a delivery area you designate (for example; on your back porch, front steps, or inside a garage), then on your scheduled delivery day your dedicated Route Salesman will stop by to replace the empty bottles with full ones.


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our customers

Thanks to Magalay she provided full service by rinsing my bottles before filling them with alkaline water ($1.00/gallon). We saved so much money by going here and will be coming here all the time! Super recommended!
Sianna O.
Great service! Employees are always nice and friendly. Their water is always tasting good
Robert B.
"Great customer service. Everytime I want a quick bite I get Tostilocos from here"
Susana S.


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